technology and guidance

Maintain business continuity
during Corona

Join the 60+ companies we helped go remote, efficiently and cost-effectively. Enjoy custom solutions to address your exact needs and free training to solidify your team's understanding. After all, why let Corona decrease your output when it doesn't have to?

Team output monitoring

Have you also seen a 20%+ drop in efficiency? You are not alone. We can help you keep a closer eye on your team - just like you would in the office.

Communication optimization

Have your team's communication go through a single medium; keeping your discussions fruitful and well-organized for future reference.

Complete Data solution

Your data, completely safe and accessible

You might want your data to be accessible, safe and not scattered around the personal hardware of all your employees. Our solution also provides easy re-integration, when moving back into the office.

Specialized software

Your office's software, at home

When working with specialized software, it might appear impossible to organize working from home. We can channels your tools forward, so working remote becomes a breeze.


Your team, trained for free

'In order to help your company excel, we train your team remotely. This way, you are sure your new standards are adopted. In fact, our clients rave about our sessions! And since they love it so much, we now offer it to each customer free of charge.'

Sebastian Evans
founder of Fireside IT
team members
years experience
remote teams supported

Join 60+ companies who work remote

“There's not much to say. I knew I could count on Fireside to help us go remote. That's what makes working with them such a pleasure; the solutions are custom and they get it done FAST. For the person reading this, go with Fireside, they are fantastic.”
Grant Casiccio
“I've got a small, but intense designer studio and our software is way too heavy for our home computers to run. I didn't know what to do. Fireside did.”
Heather Miller
“They got my team of 120 to work from home in an organized manner within the same week as I got in touch. Great value. Many thanks.”
Andrew Collins
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Here's how we help you work from home

TRY 1 month free

You request a package or get in touch

Request further information through email or start your trial immediately by clicking the button below.

We get to work

Once we have the green light, we move efficiently, so you get your business back on track as quickly as possible.

The first month is on us; you haven't even paid yet!

That's right. You immediately benefit from proven systems and the bill doesn't even show up the first month.

We chat and have a
digital coffee

You will hear from us at your earliest convenience and we get to know each other a little.

You are completely operational, usually within 3 days!

That includes selecting the perfect tools, training the staff and organizing the extras.

Remote work pros

In a hurry? Go fully remote within 5 days.

5 day set-up guarantee
One month free trial
Employee monitoring
Data management
Office software, remote
Per team member, monthly
TRY 1 month free
Re-focus your team
Monitor your staff's performance and see how much time spend engaging in different tasks.
Protect your assets
Allow the right people to access data and ensure nothing is lost while people work remote.
Maintain continuity
Center communication, centralize data, create feedback loops and much more.
Get it done, fast
With employees costing $200 per day and operating at only 80% efficiency, every day makes a $40 difference per person.